Guidelines for stay safe while
buying or selling

Guidelines For Venders

The Property Services Regulator has issued a protocol for viewing a property.

Below is a summary of guidelines for Vendors

Please read these and call us if you have any questions.

  1. If you are cocooning, self-isolating or feel unwell, please advise us and we will postpone the viewing
  2. If you have recently travelled outside the country, please advise us and we will postpone the viewing
  3. Note touchpoints in your house: doorknobs, handrails, light switches. You need to sanitize these points before and after viewings
  4. Please ensure all lights are on, windows open and all internal doors left open.
  5. Please place hand sanitizer at the front door

    We provide guidelines to people viewing your property and ask all parties to comply with the Regulator’s requirements


Guidelines For Viewers

Social Distancing Rules for Viewing Property

We’re delighted to see you! Sorry, we can’t shake your hand, but you’re very welcome!

Here are some new rules for viewing property


  1. If you’re feeling unwell, have symptoms or been in contact with a C-19 case in past 14 days, please cancel and reschedule your viewing
  2. If you have been abroad in past 14 days, please cancel and reschedule your viewing
  3. Max 2 people per viewing group. Small children are discouraged from attending
  4. Please sanitize your hands on arrival at the property and again on departure
  5. Please exercise social distancing of 2 metres
  6. Sorry! You cannot use the toilet facilities
  7. We will open doors & turn on the lights. Please ask us if you want to inspect a room or space that’s closed
  8. After your viewing, please don’t obstruct pathways or roads, or hinder neighbours’ ability to socially distance — especially if visiting an apartment block

We love questions! If you have any, let’s discuss outside or by phone or by email afterwards

Thank you for your understanding & support!

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