Getting ready to put your house on the market can often be all about those important focal points – the kitchen, the lounge, the tiling in the bathroom, but don’t forget the part of your house beyond the door… Any type of outdoor space can have a huge influence on forming a viewer’s opinion and memory of a property for sale.

If your house is what an estate agent will call a ‘blank canvas’ – all lawn and no beds, then give grass a good cutting, and hedges a stern trimming. Deckland? It’s never a waste of time power hosing, and layout out your furniture as though all it’s missing is the smell of dinner off the BBQ.

And if your garden is bursting with borders-this and perennials-that, then put your best foot forward and show it off as the labour of love that it is: a beautiful garden is worth its weight in, well, mature horse manure!!

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