Michael Lavelle Estate Agents provides clear and concise advice on property investment matters. Whether its the question of post-refurb valuation on your home, or the expected yield on a proposed investment property, we have the knowledge that you need.

Have you bought a residential property through your pension? Then your rental income needs to be managed through a licensed management agent. Lavelles are licensed agents with experience in managing pension-held assets. (((((((I HAVE AN ATTACHMENT ON THIS TO ADD TO SITE))))))

If you’re a residential landlord and your tenant wants to receives HAP, we can assist you in the process of setting this up and getting both the property and the paperwork HAP-ready.

Do you own a rental investment but live abroad? We have the necessary knowledge to assist you in managing your revenue obligations as a non-resident landlord.


 Michael Lavelle Estate Agents
83-85 Bridge Street,
Co Louth

  +353 42 933 2482
  Licence Number 003603

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