In 2015, around half of all house sales nationally were bought with cash. Although some of this will be big-bank-type investors, it’s clear that smaller Investors are very active in the property market. With savings interest rates at an all-time low, property is once again the go-to for rainy day bets.

An investment property priced under €100,000 will typically sell within 3-5 days, so anyone thinking about investing in property should be ready to move fast and contact the agent. Ask yourself a few important questions:

  1. Will this property rent easily and for how much?
  2. Does the property require repair? Do I have the cash and the know-how to refurbish?
  3. If I want to do it up and sell, what is its likely future value?

Once you’ve found a property that fits you, act fast and make your offer. Decide your limit and if you get into a bidding situation, stick to your limit. If your bid is accepted, plan your timeline and use the pre-closing time to make your plans for your new investment.

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