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What is Mediation?

There are many forms of property-related disputes. They may arise from contracts (tenancies, for example) or from conflicting interests such as boundary disputes. Often, parties will want or need to maintain the relationship in the long term in spite of the dispute. In such cases, mediation can provide the opportunity for settling the dispute without damaging the long-term relationship.

Types of property disputes that can be resolved through Mediation include:

  • Property-related disputes arising from Family Law or Succession (inheritance)
  • Boundary and Land Ownership Disputes
  • Building & Site Safety Disputes
  • Multi-Unit Development & Management Company Disputes
  • Private Residential Tenancy Disputes
  • Landlord & Tenant (Commercial) Disputes 
  • Building Construction & Sub Contractor Disputes

Mediation is a process of bringing two or more parties together to find and agree a solution to their dispute. This process is led by a Mediator – an independent third party who facilitates a mutually acceptable outcome.

The process of mediation is fast, confidential and more cost effective than many alternative options to concluding disputes.

What can we do to help?

Mediation is a voluntary, totally confidential process between all parties. This is one of the main reasons why the mediation process is so successful, as it promotes open and clear discussion between the parties, without the fear of public disclosure or publicity. It can be quickly arranged to expedite closure. This is important where parties want to continue to have a working relationship, by avoiding the more confrontational court setting.

Joanne Lavelle is an accredited mediator with a property background. She deals with resolving all types of property disputes, and her goal is always to use the Mediation process to create mutually useful and constructive outcomes.

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