Property valuations

I’m thinking of selling…

Then you’ll have a lot of questions and need some professional answers.    

If you ask us to take a look at your property, you can expect the following:

  • how much your property is worth
  • how long it will take to sell your property
  • how much it will cost you to sell it
  • the best way to reach your buyer

We are professional property valuers, offering our highly professional and accurate service for residential, commercial and agricultural purposes.

Why do you need a valuation?
This is always the first questions we will ask you, because it will inform what we will need to provide you with. Here is a brief list of reasons you might need a valuation, and how we can assist
I am applying for a mortgage / I am switching my mortgage / I am refinancing my property / I am seeking a better rate on my mortgage 
We are recognised by most financial institutions (see list) as Valuers. Each institution has its own procedure, so it’s important that we know in advance which one you are applying to.
  • Permanent tsb
  • Ulster Bank
  • KBC
  • Bank of Ireland
  • Louth County Council
  • Credit Unions

We assess your property in the context of real property. In that way, you can expect a really achievable value for your property.

We carry out a very thorough sales appraisal so that we can get a proper perspective on your property.
The next step is to value. Because we’re the biggest residential valuers in the area, we can put our expertise in pace and give you advice that reflects both professionalism and experience.

After that, we discuss the important factor of costs.

Our fees are transparent and our commitment is crystal clear: we work hard for you and we do our very best for you.

Our fee is Fee 1.5% + VAT (subject to a minimum €1,950 net) and we ask our clients for a marketing budget that will give your property proper exposure.

Our marketing budget (which we will agree with you in advance) will fit your property’s profile and your budget. The aim is to ‘switch on’ whatever channels we need in order to reach your buyer. These might include:

  • An outstanding editorially written description of your house
  • Impressive photography
  • Drone photography (Where possible)
  • Stand-out signage
  • Inclusion in our newsletter
  • Strong online exposure through all major property portals
  • Inclusion on our Youtube channel – featuring your own property Vlog!
  • Social media plan to hit the right audience

We would love to discuss our sales and marketing strategy with you in deeper detail at your convenience. Where necessary, we will also quote for local / national press advertising. Note public auctions incur additional costs, subject to quotation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a mortgage valuation cost?
A mortgage valuation costs between €130 and €150. Some banks pay us for the valuation, so always ask them about it!
How long does it take?
Once we have arranged access to the property, an inspection takes between 30 and 45 minutes (unless it’s a very large property). We then complete our investigations and report, and issue it within 2 – 3 days.
Can I have a copy of my report?
This depends on individual bank policy – ask us!
I need a Fair Deal valuation for a family member
We carry out Fair Deal valuations on a drive-by basis, where possible. See price list . Fair Deal applications are always urgent, so we try to respond to these instructions as urgent.
I am thinking of selling my house so I want to get it valued.
There is no charge for a sales valuation
We will discuss with you our opinion of value, and confirm it in a letter. Banks don;t accept this letter as proof of value, so if you are discussing values with your bank, you will need a proper valuation.
I am in negative equity and my bank wants to know the value of my property
We provided a current market value / short cert for this scenario. We arrange an inspection – which takes 30 – 45 minutes – and we then compile our report, and send it to you.
My partner and I are splitting up, and my solicitor has advised me to get my home valued.
We provide valuations for the purpose of family law proceedings. We ask for the details of your solicitor and arrange access, then complete a short valuation report. If the solicitor or court requires a full Blue Book valuation, we will provide this also see price list
I am Executor of someone's estate. The solicitor says I need to get the property valued for Probate.
We provide valuations for probate purposes. We ask for the details of your solicitor, and arrange access, then complete a short valuation report. see price list
My neighbour says her house is worth more than mine. I want to prove her wrong.
Unless this discussion has an impact on your circumstances, ignore your neighbour. If, however, it affects your Local Property Tax returns, income tax returns, call us and we might be able to help over the phone. If you need it in writing, we will talk to you about whether we can do this as a drive-by or short cert valuation. see price list
I'm switching my mortgage / looking for a better rate from my bank
We are experienced Professional Property Valuers, offering our highly professional and accurate service for residential, commercial and agricultural purposes. We are also accredited TEGOVA Blue Book Valuers, so you’re instructing professionals to value your property.
My solicitor needs a valuation for probate / family law / family transfer

Valuations are often required for legal purposes, and we provide a range of services, according to your needs. If you solicitor requires a Blue Book valuation, we can also provide this.

The important thing to know is that we are fully accredited TEGoVA Blue Book Valuers, so you have the assurance of having a professional Valuer looking after your instruction.

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If you need to appeal or correct your LPT return, we can carry out a drive by or internal inspection to help you see price list 

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