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New Year – New Home?!

While for most, this is an unlikely new year resolution, however for some, it’s a thought that may well has been gaining airtime in your home (or your head) in recent months.

This thinking could have arisen be due to space constraints, a new job or perhaps a change in circumstances!

It could also be a snap reaction to a change that has occurred in your life. The need to move to a bungalow due to mobility issues for example, a bereavement or a geographic decision as your existing work takes you further afield.

Then again, you might be one of those people who are super-planners: those who are operating to a 3-5 year plan and looking to move this year as part of a retirement / equity release or downsizing strategy.

If any of these things apply to you then here is my advice if you are planning a home move in 2024 or beyond (Although many of these tips will apply regardless of when or to where you are planning to move!)

No.1/ Flexibility is Key:

If you are considering a downsize, remember the market always has very little to offer, particularly in highly sought after locations – e.g. Blackrock, Dundalk town centre, Ardee town centre, so it’s worth being a little flexible in terms of your timeline. This requires you to keep an eye on the market at all times. Ask agents to add you to their database is a good starting point, and also subscribe to websites like daft for alerts 

No.2/ Crafting a Relocation Vision

If you’re considering a relocation abroad, it’s good to have a good 12 month view of places that are on your wish list… for weather, what times of year you are guaranteed regular flights there, and also whether there are certain times of year you def dont want to be there – eg summer in the canary islands is very hot – and therefore where you will spend those weeks when you want to be elsewhere (and research airbnb options for your house and your short term accommodation) 

No.3/ Showcasing Your Homes ‘Best Self’ Year Round

Take a year round look at your home. Is it especially well presented in summer months with garden in full bloom? in which case, take lots of photos when it’s looking its best and your agent can use these photos even if you’re selling in a different season 

No.4/ Decluttering with Purpose

Start your declutter NOW (especially if downsizing). If, for instance your garage is brimming with years of stuff that hasn’t been touched in years, it’s time to get stuck in – same goes for the attic. From personal experience, I recommend you allow at least 2 months per room in your house to pack, gift, donate, clear and tidy…for a 4 bed detached, that’s approx 3 – 4 months!!!

No.5/ Elevate Your Homes Appeal with BER Upgrades

BER will truly become the crucial factor on making homes extra attractive, so use your lead in time to get B.E.R-fit. Get your energy upgrades now to get as strong a B.E.R as possible (if you are availing of any grants for this, check small print for claw backs)

No.6/ Indulge in a Home Makeover?

With time on your hands, it’s definitely worth repainting in 2024 and by that I mean walls and woodwork and ceilings. Wooden windows? Sand, treat and paint the frames. And since you’re not planning to move straight away, you get to enjoy a freshly painted home. My clients always say to me they wish they had done their declutter and paint while they could enjoy them!

No.7/ Proactive Planning

Don’t get caught out on planning. Imagine you don’t check your planning, put your property on the market and in 12 months you only realise then, that you need retention!! You could have ticked that off now and had a clear sight of the finish line next year…

No.8/ Navigating International Property Rules and Regs

Refer to my earlier advice on downsizing and getting advice. If you’re moving abroad, research the rules for buying property there, the tax rules and non- national residency rules. Start to get your paperwork ready now for long term peace of mind and pocket!

No.9/ Pet Logistics

Pets? If you’re planning to rent until you buy, check the pet rules. If moving abroad, check out micro chipping, pet passport and quarantine rules for your destination.

No.10/ Prioritise Your Health and Healthcare Cover

Health & Private healthcare – ensure you are covered. Even if you’re moving across the border, it’s chalk and cheese in terms of admin. And get registered with a local GP sooner than later so there are no surprises or delays in having your medical circumstances in order.

And for a bonus…

No.11/ Smart Handling of Contracts

Beware long term contracts for broadband and utilities. Depending on how long before your anticipated move, don;t get caught with cancellation charges… and check out the broadband wherever you are moving to…


There is a lot to think about when it comes to moving home – even more than the list that has been created above! To help you with your planning and to gain expert advice when gathering information on what YOUR best options are – then let us know in Michael Lavelle Estate Agents, Dundalk.

Our team is here to help you whenm you need it most – which is from the start of yoru selling journey, and we are with you all of the way through to your property goal success.

If you need to clarify or query we are here. Start your sales journey with confidence, leverage over 50 years of our local dundalk estaet agency know how for your best result!

Contact the Team Here Today and get your Free Home Sales Valuation PLUS a Free Sellers Consultation which will give you the ‘ins and outs’ of home selling in Louth, even before you go to market!

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