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Landlord Services

Dear Landlord,

What if you could have a lettings agency that works to your specific needs and requirements? Could offer a range of services such as ‘Let Only’, ‘Let & Manage’, Manage Only’ and even ‘Financial Management Only’ (handy for the more proficient and hands-on landlord)? Well, welcome to us! We are adaptable and treat all our landlords according to their individual instructions.

We operate a service of managing around 150 residential properties, and we offer properties to rent at a rate of, typically, 2 per week.

Why am I telling you all this? So you know we’re experienced, capable and active.

As with sales, we are fully licensed through the PSRA and we operate under the IPAV Code of Conduct.

We take pride in operating with transparency at all times and all our landlords have up-to-date Letters of Engagement.

The big issue for landlords is: How much will it cost? And the second issue is around transparency: IT IS CRITICAL THAT YOU ALWAYS KNOW WHERE YOUR MONEY IS AND WHAT DEDUCTIONS ARE BEING MADE.

That’s why we use leading software to enable us to send you statements any time – you just have to call or email us. We also have up to the minute updates on any maintenance issues and the costs that arise.

We typically operate a minimum job policy: If a call out / quick repair job (e.g. a kitchen appliance is broken) is required, it usually costs under €100 – we will automatically arrange to repair this. If the work is going to cost over €100, we seek your approval (response required within 24 hours). If we are alerted to an urgent maintenance issue (e.g. heating failure in winter or a structural issue), we will automatically arrange to address this. All costs are listed on your statement for accountancy and taxation purposes.

We also provide a limited service for non-clients – perhaps you’re a landlord and you need to arrange for some important works to be carried out?

Safety CheckReview entire house in relation to Private Rented Building Standards – necessary for HAP applications€40 + VAT
Safety InstallationSmoke alarms
Carbon Monoxide alarms
Fire blanket
(All products in compliance with regulations)
€250 + VAT
Window UpdateInstallation of safety catches in accordance with HAP and fire regulations€ On application following Safety Check
Rent ReviewCarried out in compliance with RPZ and RTB regulations, using appropriate processes and valuations€200 + VAT
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