Landlord’s Fees

We take pride in operating with transparency at all times. Please see below for our terms & conditions and fees for landlords

Standard Tariff Of Landlord Charges

Michael Lavelle Estate Agents want you to be aware of the circumstances where you may incur a fee or charge in relation to services provided by us, including in relation to a tenancy arranged through us. This Tariff details our current fees and charges, which unless otherwise specified include VAT (which as at the date of this Tariff is 23%). The fees and charges shown are payable to, and will be invoiced by us.

All amounts due to us may be deducted from sums (including rent) received by us on your behalf before those sums are forwarded to you.

This Tariff is only a summary of parts of our Letting Services Agreement and Standard Letting and Management Terms. You should refer to those documents for full details of our services and fees and charges.

We reserve the right to amend the fees and charges in this Tariff to reflect changes in our operating costs. Where you have signed a Letting and Management Services Agreement no fees and charges in any amended Tariff will affect you unless the amendments are expressly permitted by your Agreement and have been notified to you.

Payable during the whole time (including all extensions, renewals, hold overs, and new agreements):

(a) a tenant introduced by us occupies the property you have instructed us to let or one of your other properties;

(b) a person introduced by a tenant introduced by us occupies the property you have instructed us to let;

(c) a person “associated” with a tenant introduced by us occupies the property you have instructed us to let – this includes some relatives and business associates and is fully defined in the Standard Letting and Management Terms;

Payment in full is due at the time the tenancy is entered into or extended or renewed unless rent is to be received by us. If rent is received by us payment is due quarterly in advance or if rent is due less frequently than that payment is due in advance on the dates rent is due.

Amount: (€700.00 min)

Initial let on a standard Part IV tenancy agreement: 8% of annual rent + VAT @ 23%

Management Fee

Payable during the whole time we provide a management service. This fee is in addition to the Letting Fee. Payment is due monthly to coincide with transfer to you of monthly rent. Monthly management fees are deducted from rent paid.

Amount: 6% of monthly rent due + VAT @ 23%

Arranging Works

Payable where we are providing a management service and we oversee significant repairs/improvements. We will only charge this fee if we have notified you in advance. Payment is due on receipt of our invoice.

Amount: 12.5% + VAT of the ex-VAT cost of the work (15% inc VAT)

Contractor Referral Fees

Payable by contractors we instruct to do work on your behalf. These fees are only payable by the contractors and not by you and only where they have agreed to pay them. Payment is due by a contractor on the terms we have agreed with them.

Amount: Up to 12.5% + VAT of the total of the contractor’s invoice (exc VAT)

Arranging Safety Checks

Payable where we are not managing the property and you ask us to inspect the property or arrange for any gas or electrical safety checks to be carried out. Payment is due on receipt of our invoice. Note: this fee does not include the contractors’ fees, which will also be your responsibility.

Amount: €50.00 (inc VAT) per check

Tenancy Not Proceeded With

Payable where you decide not to proceed with a letting after we have taken up satisfactory references or produced a tenancy agreement. Payment is due on receipt of our invoice.

Amount: €200.00 (inc VAT) plus marketing and signage costs

Rent Review / Updated Tenancy Agreement Fee

Payable to cover the drawing up of the necessary paperwork if a tenancy is amended, renewed, etc. Payment is due on completion

Rent review €200 + VAT @ 23%

Revised tenancy agreement €200 + VAT @ 23%

Sending Statements By Post Fee

We naturally prefer to send you documents by email. If this is not possible, we may, at our discretion, pass on the cost of postage to you. Payment is due on receipt of our invoice.

Land Registry Check
Payable to cover the cost of an online Land Registry search to check ownership details.

Amount: €10.00 (inc VAT)

Tenancy Registration
Registration of the tenancy is the landlord’s obligation.
Cost is €90 if completed within 28 days of commencement, or €180 if registered after 28 days.

Renewal of a tenancy after 6 years is required, at the same fees. Unless instructed otherwise in writing, we register the tenancy on the landlord’s behalf, at the time of commencement.

Michael Lavelle Estate Agents are long-standing members of the Institute of Professional Auctioneers & Valuers (IPAV), and are licensed by the Property Services Regulatory Authority (PSRA).  We subscribe to the IPAV Code of Conduct 


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