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Need a Property Valuer in Louth?

There are many reasons why you might need a Property Valuer

Here’s how we can Help You:

The team at Michael Lavelle Estate Agents Dundalk not only work with properties for sale, letting, or management in Co. Louth. We can also provide the full services of property valuer to you, offering legal valuations for residential, commercial, or agricultural land purposes in Dundalk, across Louth and the Northeast.

There are many reasons why you might need to get your property valued. Below are some examples and situations that you might find yourself in. If you do- Just let us know.

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You would Like to Sell Your House or Property

A major decision: If you are considering this then check out our Sell My House page for Free Sellers Advice. Also, scroll below to see the special arrangement we offer you as a potential house seller/ property seller in Louth

You are Buying a House in Dundalk or Wider Area of Louth

An important part of the Mortage Application Process involves having to get a property valuation. The banks insist that this is done for two main reasons. One reason is that they need leading property valuers such as our team, is to be confident that the property you intend to purchase holds the correct market value. Banks focus primarily on lending and there is a lot involved in that obviously. In turn, they rely on local property professionals to give an accurate picture of market values throughout Ireland.

Michael Lavelle Estate Agents Dundalk is at the coal face of the Louth Property Market. Due to this, and our professional credentials, we are entrusted by numerous banks to perform property valuations. These not only withstand banks’ rigorous demands but can also protect you. How? Because you get a true reflection of the property’s worth

You are Switching A Mortgage

Perhaps you want to switch your mortgage to another lender and save thousands by getting better rates. The new lender will insist on having a true reflection of the market value of your house or property in order to proceed. Need one done efficiently? Let us know using the Contact Form below or simply Order and Purchase yours Here Online

You are Refinancing or Releasing Equity from Your Home

In this case, you might be releasing home equity for a lifestyle purchase, consolidating debt into one easy low-rate payment structure or maybe there is a change in your circumstances and you need cash released. To do so as part of the refinance process, your bank will require a property valuation. Again, the team in Michael Lavelles Estate Agents Dundalk is at hand to perform a legal bank valuation.

We can provide valuation reports for numerous financial institutions (see list) as Property Valuers in Louth. Each institution has its own procedure, so it is important that we know in advance which one you are applying to.

A mortgage valuation costs just €150. It can be paid easily and securely online HERE using a debit/credit card. Typically it takes us just 2 days following an inspection to complete the report. 

Like to talk with a team member? Leave your details below and we will call you to help:

Of course, the reasons for needing the services of a property valuer don’t just stop at buying, selling, or refinancing a home. Here are more reasons why you might need one. Often this is not realised until a certain amount of panic has set in. Fear Not. Our Team can see you through.

You Need a Fair Deal Property Valuation for a Family Member

For extra efficiency, Fair Deal Property Valuations can be performed where possible on a drive-by basis. They can cost between €75 – €150. Most Fair Deal applications are almost always urgent, so we will try to respond to you more quickly in these unfortunate situations when we have received your instructions. 

You Want to Sell Your House – Get a Free Home Valuation

Michael Lavelle Estate Agent Dundalk offers Sales Valuations at no charge to our Selling Clients. We can discuss with you and form a professional opinion of your property’s value, then confirm it in a letter. This type of market valuation is not designed for banks to accept as proof of value however your buyers will be required to get a full bank valuation if they are using a mortgage. It is here that all parties will see that the original marketing valuation will be closely aligned with the true market price. so

You are in Negative Equity and Your Bank requires a Legal Valuation of Your Property

If you are discussing property values with your bank or have a negative equity issue to resolve, you will need a legal valuation. We can provide you with a current market value/ short cert for this scenario. In this case, we arrange an inspection which takes 30 – 45 minutes. We then compile your report and send it to you. This report costs just €150 and can be paid for, securely online, through our Store HERE

My Partner and I are Splitting Up. My solicitor has advised me to get my Home Valued.

If you need Property Valuer services for the purpose of family law proceedings then let our team know. If you provide details of your solicitor and arrange access, we can then provide a complete Short Valuation Report for you. If the solicitor or court requires a full Blue Book valuation, we will provide this also. A Short Valuation costs €150 and can be paid securely online HERE using Debit/Credit Card

I am the Executor of someone’s estate. The solicitor says I need to get a Property Valuer for Probate.

We provide valuations for probate purposes. We ask for the details of your solicitor and arrange access, then complete a short valuation report. Probate valuations are provided free of charge unless otherwise agreed.

Your Neighbour says Their house is worth more than Yours. You want to prove them wrong.

Unless this discussion has an impact on your circumstances, ignore your neighbour. If, however, it affects your Local Property Tax returns, income tax returns, call us and we might be able to help over the phone. If you need it in writing, we will talk to you about whether we can do this as a drive-by or short cert valuation.

Your Solicitor needs a Property Valuer for Probate/Family Law/Family Transfer.

Valuations are often required for legal purposes, and we provide a range of services, according to your needs. If your solicitor requires a Blue Book valuation, we can also provide this. Call us to discuss and get an accurate price based on your needs. 

The important thing to know is that we are fully accredited TEGoVA Blue Book Valuers, so you have the assurance of having a professional Valuer looking after your instruction.

We are also adequately indemnified for our valuations services. Details of our Professional Indemnity are available on request.

Please notify us in advance if any valuation for legal purposes requires court attendance by the valuer. Court attendance/court availability is chargeable – please ask us for prices. 

Finally, should your needs exceed a short valuation report, we may need to provide a Blue Blook valuation, the fee for which is quoted on a case by case basis.

You will Need a Property Valuer to Formally Adjust Your Local Property Tax 

If you need to appeal or correct your LPT return, we can carry out a drive-by or internal inspection to help you with your appeal. This costs just €150 and can be ordered securely online HERE using a Debit or Credit Card. See below for more details relating to your Local Property Tax.

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